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Water-Soluble Starch Peanuts

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What does the term "Biodegradable" mean?

"Biodegradable" packaging - sometimes called eco-friendly packaging - is composed of materials that break down naturally after disposal into common elements such as carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.

StarchTech, Inc. produces biodegradable packaging materials that are made from industrial grade starch; a byproduct of the food processing industry, and biodegradable polymers. It is this unique combination of ingredients that allows this product to be broken down by natural means in a compost setting, meeting even European environmental standards.

What are the Benefits of using Biodegradable Packaging?

StarchTech's patented biodegradable packing peanuts provide superior performance for all sizes and shapes of products. Their ablity to interlock and flex to cushion around a product works exceptionally well for products that are sharp, pointed or fragile. In addition, StarchTech's packing peanuts work well for products requiring static-free protective ESD packaging materials.

Starch-based packing peanuts also do not contribute to landfill waste streams because they can be easily reused, composted, or simply be dissolved with warm water when they are no longer needed.

Biodegradable, compostable and reusable packing peanuts are cost-competitive, and offer a clear advantage over other packaging options which include plastics, polystyrene, and other petroleum-based products derived from non-renewable resources.

And because StarchTech's manufacturing process removes the sugars and any food value from the starch used in production of the peanuts, pests are never attracted to the material.