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Water-Soluble Starch Peanuts

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How should I dispose of Biodegradable Packing Material?

StarchTech, Inc. is the manufacturer of environmentally friendly packaging materials made from renewable resources and using biodegradable materials.

This water soluble packaging material is designed to be disposed of with a clear conscience. Tomorrow's world depends on what we throw away today!

Please use the following methods of disposal for your starch-based loose fill packing peanuts:
  • These starch peanuts can be emptied into a large sink, laundry tub or bath tub and dissolved by running warm/hot water or running the shower. The materials used in this material are not harmful to your pipes and should wash away easily. Any residue left is starch and not harmful to the environment.

  • In warmer climates, these starch peanuts can be disposed of in compost settings or gardens. If they blow into neighboring yards or outside, simply wait for the next rain and let nature wash them away!

  • Children can dab the ends on a damp sponge and make creative designs with them. When the fun is done, just wash them away with water.
Our actions to properly dispose of the things we use in our world today can help insure a cleaner tomorrow. Thank you for choosing an environmentally friendly packaging material!